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Fittings Broker was created from the need of businesses today to reduce expenses in the import export and product’s research, a fact which is forcing companies to distance themselves from their expertise and outsource secondary activities.

This process is affecting all aspects of business, from cleaning to telemarketing and deliveries to catering – and that’s just to name a few.

import export china

import export china

One of the natural consequences of this process has been the outsourcingof part of the purchasing department since outsourcing companies can provide significant savings in this area.

When is it useful to resort to the outsourcing of supply, and refer to an external purchasing department or, as more commonly known, a purchase broker?

The services of brokers can actually be exploited in very large contexts.

For example, they can be contacted by companies looking for a product at a particular price; or by companies with little experience in import/export, billing, and/or international negotiations.

In addition to these services, they can also deal with the request for bids, negotiations, and vetting suppliers (including direct quality control in their factories), right through to monitoring the deliveries.

One of the main advantages in using a purchase broker is that you can reduce the number of suppliers: issuing multiple requests for different products, you will receive a single offer and can issue a single order. 

Equally important is that the broker is motivated as an internal purchasing department: infact the broker’s profits are directly linked to the results they achieve and they will only receive their brokerage if they save the client money. This alone is reason enough to use a broker as your conventional supplier.

Further advantages for the client consist of: a higher quality of service received; a reduction and simplification of administration, due to the decrease in interlocutors; and lower costs due to the decreased number of operations to be performed.

The client does not usually entrust the entire procurement process to a broker, but only a few areas: strategic or primary suppliers are retained by the company, while the work which would be done by (often large numbers of) casual workers can be outsourced, resulting in a significant saving of both resources and costs.

Fittings Broker also represents companies in trade fairs abroad, a service highly sought after by those looking at the international market for the first time, but have neither the knowledge nor structure to do so.

import china export

import china export

The collaboration begins by signing a simple letter of mandate and completing a request form, according to which Fittings Broker then activate the search to negotiate the solution best suited to the needs of the client. They also provide both assistance and advice, as an expert in the field; without an ongoing relationship – as with an agent – being formed between the parties.