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Product research

The service of Product research is initiated via a request form, indicating the interests, its particular characteristics, the current purchase price and the quantity required.

For example, a construction company may require you to source doors, windows, plumbing and flooring, and request a single offer and invoice for everything; while a large thermohydraulic company may require a complete series of certified pipes; a dealer may want a line of air conditioners bearing its own name; a hotel may want paper, soap and other single-use materials; or a large catering company may require paper cups with their own name.

product research assistence

product research assistence


For each product research requested, we source a minimum of three to a maximum of five offers, all from certified and selected companies.

If we have already have similar requests, we are often in a position to lower the minimum quantities required by the supplier for an individual order, as we can guarantee that the total quantity required will be reached; and can also split the shipping costs between the orders.